Ensure your safety with our SRS Airbag Expertise

Don't take any chances when it comes to you and your passengers safety.

If your airbag light is on or flashing, there may be a fault within the SRS sytem that controls the deployment of airbags to the driver and passengers.

An inactive airbag system is a safety issue that can be addressed by our experts at Ace Auto Electrical & Air Conditioning

Common Faults

Depleted Airbag Backup Battery

A common problem that signals an airbag warning light to turn on or flash, is that your cars battery might have drained recently and the airbag battery backup depleted. This will often correct itself once the battery charge is fully restored.

However, depending on your vehicle, you may need a Scan Diagnostic Tool to remove the soft-code error that was written to the airbag control module.

Airbag Clock Spring Replacement

The airbag clock springs main function is to maintain continuity with the drivers airbag and the electrical wiring. It maintains continuity by coiling in and out as the steering wheel turns. After many years of use the thin circuit bands my become brittle or worn and cause the drivers airbag to have an intermittent connection.

Wet Airbag Module - water or flood damage

If your vehicle has experienced any water or rain damage, it could have affected the airbag module. If it is shorted out or corroded, it won’t work properly.

A common location for the airbag module in many vehicles is underneath the driver or passenger seat. Therefore, even in light water damaged in the vehicles Airbag module will short-out or corrode after being exposed to moisture. A shorted module will immediately general a DTC airbag code and your airbag light will flash a warning.

Car Brands we service:

  • SRS Airbag for Audi

  • SRS Airbag for BMW

  • SRS Airbag for Fiat

  • SRS Airbag for Ford

  • SRS Airbag for Holden

  • SRS Airbag for Hyundai

  • SRS Airbag for Honda

  • SRS Airbag for Jeep

  • SRS Airbag for Kia

  • SRS Airbag for Lexus

  • SRS Airbag for Land Rover

  • SRS Airbag for Mitsubishi

  • SRS Airbag for Mercedes

  • SRS Airbag for Mazda

  • SRS Airbag for Nissan

  • SRS Airbag for Peugeot

  • SRS Airbag for Range Rover

  • SRS Airbag for Renault

  • SRS Airbag for Smart

  • SRS Airbag for Subaru

  • SRS Airbag for Toyota

  • SRS Airbag for Volvo

  • SRS Airbag for VW

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