Electrical devices or lights left running, a defective charging system or alternator, and extreme weather are some common reasons for your battery to be depleted.

Flat Battery? We're here to help.

Signs of a faulty car battery

Before Startup

  • The gauges and lights don’t turn on when you turn the key for ignition

  • Jumping your battery every 3-5 days or even more frequently

  • Battery death within 15-30 minutes of idling with the engine off while other accessories are running

During Startup

  • Three or more turns for ignition

  • Dimming lights and/or accessories prior to startup

  • Greater difficulty in startup after idling for long hours, especially in the cold

During Driving

  • Slightly rough stops for traffic

  • Intermittent shutdowns of the radio and/or other accessories

  • Dimming lights and/or accessories when the accelerator is pressed

Our team at Ace Auto Electricals & Air Conditioning only supply geniune batteries from trusted suppliers, catering to your budget and capabilities of your vehicle.

We dispose your battery in an environmentally friendly manner so you are reassured leaving your old battery with us is dealt with professionally and recycled.

Car Brands we service:

  • Car battery for Audi

  • Car battery for BMW

  • Car battery for Fiat

  • Car battery for Ford

  • Car battery for Holden

  • Car battery for Hyundai

  • Car battery for Honda

  • Car battery for Jeep

  • Car battery for Kia

  • Car battery for Lexus

  • Car battery for Land Rover

  • Car battery for Mitsubishi

  • Car battery for Mercedes

  • Car battery for Mazda

  • Car battery for Nissan

  • Car battery for Peugeot

  • Car battery for Range Rover

  • Car battery for Renault

  • Car battery for Smart

  • Car battery for Subaru

  • Car battery for Toyota

  • Car battery for Volvo

  • Car battery for VW


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